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Journalism - Middle East, Caucasus & Africa

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CNN Travel - The Castles of the Assassins in Iran's Alborz Mountains

Iran, Alamut Valley, Alborz Mountains, Travel, History, Castles of the Assassins,
UAE, Abu Dhabi, 4WD, Desert, Empty Quarter, Travel, Tourism,
National, Oman, Jebel Hajar, Hajar Mountains, Travel, Tourism,
National, Morocco, Anti-Atlas, Travel, Tourism,
Geographical, Morocco, Berber, Architecture, Salima Naji, Agadir, Granary, Fortified Granary, Restoration,
National, Saudi Arabia, Arabia, Travel, Tourism,
FT, Mali, Festival in the Desert, Festival au Desert, Touareg, Timbuktu, Travel, Tourism,
Independent, Morocco, Ait Benhaddou, Film Locations, Travel, Tourism,

Independent - The Reel Morocco: Lights, Camera, Film Locations

Zambia, South Luangwa National Park, Hippo, Wildlife, Travel, Tourism,
Morocco, Anti-Atlas Mountains, Travel, Tourism,
Namibia, Kakoveld, Travel, Africa, Tourism, Adventure,
Geographical, Tunisia, Berber, Berber Architecture, Granary, Fortified Granary,
FT, Libya, Sahara, Sahara Desert, Travel, Tourism,
FT, Georgia, Caucasus, Svaneti, Travel, Tourism,
FT, Azerbaijan, Sheki, Caucasus, Travel, Tourism,
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