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Since the late 1990s I've contributed an array of features - from meaty articles to shorter observation pieces, hotel reviews and even the odd book review - to the travel pages of most of the UK's best newspapers and a few beyond these shores. Occasionally I've strayed away from 'pure' travel and embraced stories with a more cultural, heritage or restoration angle.

Like many, I learned to love travel the 'hard' way: equipped with a pack, guidebook, naivety tinged with optmism and, above all, hopeless wanderlust.


Having initially slummed my way through India and China, Morocco to Iran and dozens of countries inbetween, I'd like to think I still remain 'grounded' even when confronted by hotel butlers, gold taps, pillow menus and other trappings of luxury, if not self-indulgent, tourism.

If I've learned one thing through over twenty years' of travel journalism it's this: never let hotels 'get in the way' of the destinations. Hotels, be they stunning or remote or just simply new, make good hooks for travel features and most editors love that. But I'm always more interested in what lies beyond their walls than within.....well, almost always.

Click on the Journalism menu to see and read some of my published features.

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